You may have been redirected here because you clicked a link for something we have under construction. As many of you know, I’ve opened a new company that will be supporting creator owned independent projects all media, with a focus on short films, indie comics, and print-on-demand electronic books. We are not doing any non-fiction projects at this time, nor are we planning to in the future. Our method is simple.


That’s how we see it working. In the meantime, this is sort of the night job. My own writing, and hopefully a bit more blogging, remain the day job. Sort of. I find concepts of night and day blur in the digital world, don’t you?

Puzzled? Seek your own answers.



I’ve always relished the notion of collaboration. Even before I knew anything about anything, every great idea I had, I wanted to find someone to collaborate with so we could explore it together. My failed attempts at collaborations have involved two dearly loved gaming buddies, two friends I met along the way of my journeys, and two comic book artists (no, not you, her) who I’m still friends with, and now a collaboration between my new production company, and my friend’s production company (which still means the two of us, only now we can’t sue each other as easily, I think).

I was starting to think, screw it. But then the Atlantic Monthly ran an issue on creativity, and offered this: The Power of Two.

What do you think? Is there power in two?

Happy Independence Day


Whatever it may be becoming, and whether today you love it or hate it, Independence Day celebrates the creation of a country with a dream of equality for everyone, a dream that has matured not so much in its vision–which was already profound–but in the inclusivity of the idea of everyone. We need to continue this trend, not allow it to reverse, and we must extend the embrace of the concept of equality ever wider in the years to come.

Now, regarding fireworks, if you’re setting them off, be careful. If you hear how much Macy’s spent, don’t lose your mind. And if you’re just watching, enjoy and maybe even sing Katy Perry songs.

Happy Independence Day Eve, and Happy Independence Day

The Architecture Of Everything

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Thought Catalog — very cool piece that just about lives up to its title.

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

I always liked writing books — not that I published any of them as seeking publication is a whole other job that doesn’t interest me at all. I just like writing. And, with the book as distinct from the essay, I enjoyed building this elaborate edifice, this convoluted structure of rooms and hallways, verandas and vistas, gardens, atria, and arcades.

It began with my dissertation (oh, my, that’s 1997). Many grad students endlessly kvetch about their dissertations but not me. I loved it. It was like building my dream house from the inside out. I’d hint at a foundation, sure, but then I’d go and build this incredible (to me!) space in which I roamed about Paul Ricoeur. Then, I’d construct this fancy little passageway that lead to Paul de Man; around the corner, to Harold Bloom; and then this small rumpus room that I named Derrida. Oh, but that…

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